Judith Levine Panel Chair Singapore GAR


Judith has experience in public international law, investor-State and commercial disputes. She has worked on arbitrations arising out of a variety of industries, including oil and gas, renewable energy, transport and aviation, maritime and fisheries, telecommunications and satellites, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, construction, labour and worker safety, sports, and the international sale of goods.  A representative list of cases is below. 


  • Presiding arbitrator, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Parties from Korea and Singapore. Korean law, Seoul seat. Dispute over share purchase agreement in context of cosmetics industry.

  • Presiding arbitrator, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). Parties from Cayman Islands, Hong Kong and BVI. New York law and Hong Kong seat. Dispute over shareholders' agreement in context of restaurant industry.

  • Presiding arbitrator, ICC. Parties from the Netherlands and Israel. Israeli law, Tel Aviv seat. Dispute over supply agreement in connection with construction project.

  • Presiding arbitrator, ICC. Parties from Korea and North Macedonia. Korean law, Seoul seat. Dispute over international sale of goods.


  • Co-arbitrator, National Sports Tribunal (NST). Complaint under a Member Protection Policy, involving club, state and national sporting organisation.

  • Presiding arbitrator, Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB) International. Parties from Korea and USA. Korean law, Seoul seat. Dispute over distribution agreement for IT products.   

  • Co-arbitrator, UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA). Parties from UK and BVI. English law and Geneva seat. Dispute over shareholders agreement and joint venture related to plastics manufacturing plant in Asia.​​

  • Sole arbitrator, ICC. Parties from People's Republic of China and Ukraine. Singapore seat. Dispute over authenticity and performance of bank guarantee connected with supplies for an energy plant. 

  • Sole arbitrator, Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC). Expedited Rules. Parties from Singapore and the Philippines. Singapore law and seat. Dispute between telecommunications service provider and carrier partner.

  • Co-Panellist, Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Lausanne seat. Appeal by athlete against anti-doping violations.

  • Sole arbitrator, Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (ACICA). Parties from Australia and People's Republic of China. Sydney seat. Australian law. Dispute over sale of manufacturing equipment.

  • Presiding arbitrator, CAS. Lausanne seat. Dispute between player and agent.

  • Presiding arbitrator, ad hoc panel constituted by national sporting body to hear complaint under membership protection policy.

  • Presiding arbitrator, NST. Urgent appeal by one team against another and Baseball Australia, concerning first instance decision declaring no result for 'Covid-impacted' games in Australian Baseball League.

  • Co-panellist, CAS. Lausanne seat. Appeal from first instance decision of national body disciplining a player.

  • Sole arbitrator, SIAC. Expedited Rules. Parties from UK and Singapore. Singapore law and seat. Dispute over employment contract in legal services industry.

  • Independent Privilege Inspector (PCA). Confidential investor-state arbitration under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. Appointed by tribunal and parties to review documents and make recommendations on privilege claims.

  • Presiding arbitrator, ICC. Expedited Rules. Parties from Malawi and UAE, English law and CISG, London seat. Dispute over sale of fertiliser.

  • Sole arbitrator, ICC. Parties from France and Singapore, French law, Paris seat. Dispute over services in aviation industry and compliance with anti-corruption obligations.

  • Co-panellist, CAS. Lausanne seat. Appeal from first instance decision in dispute over transfer of football player.

  • Sole arbitrator, SIAC. Singapore parties, law and seat. Dispute concerns sale of coal.

  • Sole arbitrator, SIAC. Singapore parties, law and seat. Dispute concerns marketing of coal.

  • Co-panellist, CAS. Appeal in disciplinary dispute between athlete and federation.

  • Sole arbitrator, ICC. Expedited Rules. Parties from Spain and Germany, English law, Paris seat. Dispute over contract for sale of chemicals and insurance.

  • Sole arbitrator, ICC. Singapore parties, law and seat. Dispute over services in aviation industry and compliance with anti-corruption obligations.

  • Sole Arbitrator, ICC. Parties from Japan and U.S.A., New York law and seat. Dispute over film distribution.


  • Registrar in the Abyei Arbitration at the PCA (Government of Sudan / Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army) (intra-state dispute under special agreement reviewing decision of boundary commission).

  • Registrar in the South China Sea Arbitration at the PCA (Philippines v. China) (UN Convention on Law of the Sea, Annex VII).

  • Registrar in the Atlanto-Scandian Herring Arbitration (Kingdom of Denmark in respect of the Faroe Islands v. European Union (UN Convention on Law of the Sea, Annex VII).

  • Tribunal Secretary in over 30 investment treaty arbitrations under the UNCITRAL Rules at the PCA. Non-confidential cases include Allard v. Barbados (BIT, nature sanctuary); Almas v. Poland (BIT, agriculture), Eureko/Achmea v. Slovak Republic (BIT, health insurance), 3 claims by former shareholders of Yukos against the Russian Federation (ECT, oil company); Natland et al. v. Czech Republic (ECT/BIT, solar energy).  

  • Tribunal Secretary in the Bangladesh Accord Arbitrations at PCA (multiple claims in two related cases re: compliance with unique industry-wide agreement among unions and fashion brands for worker safety in Bangladesh ready-made garment industry).

  • Tribunal Secretary in over 10 confidential contract-based disputes between public and private entities at the PCA.

  • Assisted PCA Secretary-General with over 25 appointment requests and challenges submitted under UNCITRAL Rules.

  • Currently serve as Tribunal Secretary in private capacity in ad hoc arbitration seated in London involving gas contract dispute in Middle East.

  • As Vice-President and Executive Director of ACICA, frequently engage in procedural decisions including on appointments, joinder, consolidation, and application of expedited rules.


​Representations, while at White & Case, included:

  • The Republic of Indonesia in a cement privatisation dispute, Cemex v. Indonesia, the first ICSID case under 1987 ASEAN investment treaty.

  • The Republic of Bulgaria in provisional measures and merits phases of Plama v. Bulgaria, ICSID, Energy Charter Treaty.

  • A sugar company against an Eastern European sovereign State in an UNCITRAL case under a BIT.

  • A global bank in fraud claims over the sale of a duty free business in Latin America, ICC, New York, New York law.

  • A Caribbean utilities company against a Japanese contractor in a construction dispute, ICC, New York, New York law.

  • A Latin American construction company in a pipeline construction dispute, ICC, Geneva, New York law.

  • A Japanese manufacturer in a U.S. power plant construction dispute, ICDR, New York, New York law.

  • A U.S. satellite manufacturer in contractual dispute with customer, ICC, Paris, Japanese law; and related insurance dispute, ICDR, New York, Maryland law.

  • A sovereign client in advice relating to a maritime boundary.

  • An oil company in advice relating to a land boundary in concession area.

  • Frequent advice on drafting of dispute resolution clauses.